Total Time
3hrs 20mins
Prep 3 hrs
Cook 20 mins

These rolls are sweet and delicious


  1. Combine rolled oats and boiling water.
  2. Allow to stand 1 hour.
  3. Dissolve yeast in lukewarm (105-115) water.
  4. Add to oats along with molasses, salt, and butter.
  5. Add flour and knead to get a smooth dough.
  6. Let rise, punch down, and allow to rise again.
  7. Flour your work surface and rolling pin.
  8. Roll dough out to 1/2" thick.
  9. The cut rolls with either a biscuit cutter or juice glass.
  10. Place rolls in a large buttered pan (11x17? size?) and let double.
  11. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.
  12. Brush tops of rolls with butter after they're done baking to keep them moist and to hide the floury surface of the rolls.