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I've been cooking these meatballs for years (I also found the recipe on the back of a Butterball ground turkey package)! They're the best! My kids used to fight over them when they were young. Use "apple jelly"...it's hard to find, but worth it. Apple mint jelly isn't nearly as good (tried it). And, what's with the picture? It looks like dog food with green slime. I'll make it and take a better picture for you. Great served over rice. The sauce is fantastic...double the ingredients. Try this one, you won't regret it!

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DKBruce October 28, 2010

I loved the sauce and the flavor of the meat but my meatballs wouldn't stay together. I searched online for this recipe to see if maybe a binding agent had been left out and I couldn't find it. I just browned the meat mixture and it still tasted outstanding with the sauce. I made the sauce out of Knott's Berry Farm mint apple jelly and Maille old style whole grain dijon mustard which made the sauce very attractive!! I will definitely make the sauce again and probably add an egg and a few bread crumbs to this mixture next time. Still yummy!!!!

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Chef*Lee May 04, 2009

Sweet and delicious! I don't eat red meat, so these are a nice alternative to the traditional meatball. I made these with more apples than specified, orange marmalade because I couldn't find apple jelly in the store, dijon mustard in place of the spicy brown, two cloves of minced garlic rather than garlic powder, and I added a little dry white wine to the sauce because I kept them warm in a crock pot and needed a little extra liquid. Tip- place the meatballs in the fridge prior to cooking to help them keep a round shape. Thanks for posting, James - I did enjoy this one.

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AmyJoV3 August 21, 2006
Glazed Turkey Meatballs