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This is a wonderful gourmet tofu recipe. This will be on my list of recipes for any pesco-vegetarian guests we may have over for a BBQ in the future. The only changes I made were to serve this on french bread, cut the amount of tofu in half (I'm glad I did that because otherwise I would have had 8 sandwiches instead of 4), and to grate the jicama and the carrots instead of julienning them.

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Canadian_in_the_Bay April 11, 2007

I followed this exactly and loved every bite of this recipe. The tofu was outstanding, as I followed the method perfectly of de/watering the tofu, so that it was able to crisp up really well. Oh yes! I did make one change, I couldn't find jicama for the life of me. I *thought* we had places that usually had this vegetable, but I guess I was wrong. Instead I used a cabbage and mixed the same way, using the cabbage as I would of with the jicama. I can't say enough about the tofu and the jalapeno jelly was raining supreme. Oh if I had only known about this before! Will use this again, and hope to find jicama to bring the whole taste in order. Thanks so much, served with wedge tomato and onion. Terrific!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm August 28, 2008

This was okay, just a bit different from our usual way of using tofu. A different meal though which we enjoyed. Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ July 27, 2011
Glazed Tofu Sandwiches With Jicama Slaw