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So i was sitting around with my daughter and thinking to myself, boy am i hungry, low and behold i had a bag of left over pecans from the pie my mother in law made for thanks giving. So i jumped on Google and stumbled across this recipe. Checked my pantry and i had every thing i needed. So i put my baby in her high chair and we went to work whipping up this quick and easy glaze. Now i'm really bad in the kitchen and can only make a hand full of stuff but this was so easy i want to put it on all kinds of stuff (mostly nuts). I have been eating them as they slowly cool and they just keep getting better, no idea how long they are going to last on the counter while they set, hopefully my wife will get off work before i eat them all.

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Sean Seames December 08, 2013

Yum! Easy to make, sweet, crunchy. Would be super on a salad or on an ice cream sundae! I miss the vanilla and cinnamon from other, similar recipes, but my husband says these are great just the way they are! :) Made for Fall 08 PAC. Thanks for posting!

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SrtaMaestra October 04, 2008

Just made with a pecan walnut mix and tasted while they were still hot SO GOOD, now I want to try with almonds and pastashios maybe even peanuts.

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Nahtanha V. July 17, 2016
Glazed Pecans