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I scaled back for 3 serves and had enough for 4 but the DS soon polished that off to the DM's disappointment, though personally I found the glaze a little too sweet but I knew that would more than likely be the case but the meat was very tasty. I baked at 175C fan forced for a total of 35minutes (the glaze was put on for the last 5 minutes) and I used very lean minced beef,thank you Hannibal Homegirl and KateL for the recommendation, made for I Recommend tag game.

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I'mPat November 18, 2013

Simplest meatloaf that actually delivers solid meatloaf taste with a pleasing sauce. The most important instruction was to drain the excess fat before adding the rest of the sauce, that eliminated the need for a special draining meatloaf pan insert. The timing was perfect, and I would heed the amounts for the various ingredients. My meatloaf would have benefited from a double spatula and addtional support on the sliced edge to remove it cleanly from the pan. Note that the last ingredient is for beef bouillon granules; I used an entire envelope, which was close to the recipe's stated amount. If you are looking for a good, simple meatloaf, this is it. Thanks for posting, Hannibal Homegirl. Made for Newest Zaar Cookbooks Tag.

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KateL December 28, 2008

I made this for our dinner and "Spring PAC 2008 " on 4/29/08.And since I'm the only one that really enjoys meatloaf in our home,the rating and review are strictly my own.I followed the recipe exactly,except for putting it in a loaf pan.I just free-formed it into a loaf shape.The baking time and tempeture was right on the money.I did however have to make a little bit more of the topping,since it didn't seem to be enough.After removing from the oven, I let it "rest " for about 15 minutes so it would slice well without crumbling. And I must say it sliced just great.The taste is just what you would expect a meatloaf to be,WONDERFUL !!!.This will be made again. Thank you for posting,and "Keep Smiling :)"

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Chef shapeweaver � April 29, 2008
Glazed Meatloaf