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I made these for when my family gets the munchies. They turned out so well. Very easy. The pretzels had the best honey mustard flavor. Baked very crisp. The entire family agreed--5 stars. Thanks Donna M.

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Gail Blue Eyes October 26, 2002

Absolutely DIVINE!!! I am a total pretzel freak, so I was delighted to find and try this recipe. Sooo glad I did! Thank you for a wonderful recipe!! ~Manda

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Manda April 20, 2002

As is, this does not have nearly the flavor I was hoping for, but I am appreciative for the recipe because it gave me an idea of a starting point. I started by following the proportions exactly. When that seemed quite bland, I pulled my onion powder and dry mustard out, and started sprinkling the pretzels with it, stirring, and taste testing. I kept doing this until it had the flavor I wanted. I probably added at least 2-3 tablespoons dry mustard, and 2 teaspoons onion powder. I think this would have made the mixture too thick if I had added it to the wet mixture, but sprinkling it on the wet pretzels, after the honey mixture coated them, worked perfectly. I would strongly recommend trying one of the pretzels before it goes in the oven. If it is not flavorful enough, add a coating of dry mustard and onion powder, and it will taste just like the Snyder's pretzels that I love, but without the high fat content. :)

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bittybows September 24, 2014

Thanks for sharing! I didn't quite like it. However like the others, I would probably like it better if there was a stronger mustard taste.

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ginnyb23 May 02, 2010

Great recipe. I had some honey glazed pretzels from a local store here but due to food allergies I am not able to eat tons of wheat. I took my wheat free pretzles and made them with this recipie. Awesome. Like others, I add some mustard powder. Next time, I will add a little more.

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brandidt October 23, 2009

I'm not sure what went wrong, but I didn't really care for these. The flavor wasn't very prominant. I think if there was more glaze for the pretzels I might of liked it better. I did use dijon mustard instead of reg yellow (personal preference) and garlic powder instead of garlic salt. (I figured the pretzels would be salty enough on their own.)

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Faeanne February 02, 2009

Oh wow! First off, I love, love, love the honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces from Snyder's of Hanover, but recently found out that they contain milk and dairy ingredients, which are not good for my IBS. I did a search for honey mustard pretzels and found this one and only recipe listed. After reading the reviews, I also decided to try some dry mustard; I think I used half a tsp, I forget because I made this last week and forgot to review it, hehe. The smell of this baking was heavenly. My bf tried one of these, and then snatched the Zip-loc bag out of my hand! He said 'get your own pretzels, these are mine!' I only had mini pretzel sticks so had to use those and I actually only made approx. 6 cups of pretzels but kept the rest of the ingred amts the same. I also subbed garlic powder for the garlic salt. These were amazing, but they needed more mustard flavor. I'm making these again now, this time with the mini twists, again adding 1/2 tsp of dry mustard. I had forgotten we had sweet hot mustard, so along with the 2 tbsp of yellow mustard, I used 1 tbsp of sweet hot mustard. I decided to use 8 cups of twists, but kept the other ingred amts the same. I will update my review on my 2nd making of these. Thanks Donna M., I am so happy you posted this and that it works and tastes so good!!

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blancpage December 20, 2007

These are very tasty. I read the other reviews, most of which stated that it would be better with more mustard, so I added about a tsp of dried mustard powder and also used garlic powder instead of garlic salt- the pretzels are plenty salty to start out with. The results are yummy, but still could use more mustard flavor. That is a personal taste factor and not a recipe problem though. We took this with us on a roadtrip, and snacked on it for days. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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VegSocialWorker August 08, 2006

Very tasty and definitely a keeper! I followed the recipe exactly except I subbed 1/4 t garlic powder for the 1/2 t garlic salt, thinking the pretzels were salty enough. I agree w/ another reviewer and will use stronger flavored mustard next time. The only problem w/ the pretzels is that I made them for this weekend and I'm not sure they're going to last until then! :D

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Impera_Magna December 27, 2005

Crisp and lowfat snack with slightly sweet flavor. I used plain yellow mustard and couldn't taste much of it, so I'd suggest adding a bit more or using a stronger flavored mustard. I also found them a bit salty, which is entirely dependent on the pretzels used, so I'd use part garlic powder for the garlic salt. A nice snack which we enjoyed. Thanks, Donna, for sharing your recipe!

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LonghornMama October 13, 2005
Glazed Honey Mustard Pretzels