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Cindy, you are a genious! I've just finished these and they are perfection! They sure do make A LOT of donuts. It took about 5 hours including waiting for the dough to rise 2 times. I refreshed the oil about every 10 donuts and I fried 3 at a time. I don't have a deep fryer so I just used a lot of oil in my deep frying pan. I made plain glaze, chocolate glaze and a cinnamon sugar coating. I hated trying to take the munchkins out of the oil. I should have used a big slotted spoon. This was a lot of fun to make on a Sunday. I'm amazed I actually did this. Thank you so much! I've been talking about this all day on the message boards. One thing, you should specify putting the yeast into the water. I just assumed that's what you do with it.

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Kiss*My*Tiara November 10, 2002

These were great! made them for breakfast and they were so yummy and just sweet enough. We just dipped ours in a sugar/cinnamon mixture. I froze some and have been having them at work and they thaw nicely. Thanks for another keeper recipe.

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Tara April 23, 2003

Just wanted to update my previous review " These were the best doughnuts I have ever made - I have tried a lot of recipes and will be keeping this one. I made them with the exact ingredients but altered the mixing method a little. I creamed the shortening and sugar in my KitchenAid with the wire whisk, then added eggs and mixed well. Then added warm milk, salt and 2 c. flour, mixed till well blended. Then dumped in remaining flour and the yeast/water mix. Put on dough hook and kneaded. For a glaze I melted 1/2 cup butter, mixed in 3 cups icing sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla, and enough hot water to make a runny but not watery glaze. Probably about 1/2 cup water but I didn't really measure." I've since made these several times and they are excellent!! Thanks so much for a great keeper.

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Toadflax August 11, 2005

Thank you very much! These are delicious! And I love that it didn't go stale the next day. I just kept it in an airtight container and they still were soft and chewy! =)

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Shasha June 09, 2003

These were sooooo good!!!! I just couldn't stop eating them!!!But then I had to get my share in before the kids got home from school and devoured the whole plateful!! I halved the recipe,added a little bit of nutmeg for flavour and made it in my bread machine. I coated them with sugar while still warm. I think next time though I will make them larger by rolling them out thicker and using a larger cutter. A maple flavoured glaze would be nice. Ooooohhh, the possibilities are endless!!! Great recipe Cindy Lynn!!!

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Boyz 5 October 02, 2003

I love this recipe! Have been using it for a few years and just reprinted it for my daughter. Keeps the best and no one turns them down! Tried lots of others, nothing compares.

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Leeshaaw July 26, 2014

itried this recipe today with my grandson, he thinks doughnuts are a food group. He liked them as did his mother. They kind of reminded me of fried bread dough. I am not sure if I will make these again or not.

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Gumdrop August 27, 2012

Great recipe. We really enjoyed them. Thanks for posting!

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Amanda Beth June 29, 2010

Ok so when I am depressed I bake, in this case I fried and man was it worth it!! These were delish! Thanks for the recipe it is 4:13 am just finished making these started arourd midnight (used quick rise yeast). Made 16 doughnuts and 16 doughnut holes. I glazed doughnuts with a maple glaze made from real maple syrup, dark corn syrup, powdered sugar, and a pinch of water......the holes I rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

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kalamitykris April 29, 2009

They taste GREAT fresh from the fryer. The day after they didn't taste as good. I put them in a container before they were cooled all the way so that might have been the problem. Other than that they are wonderful!

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Wes and Sara March 22, 2008
Glazed Doughnuts