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These carrots were delicious! I did make 2 minor changes, I used honey instead of sugar and I left out the raisins beacause I don't like them. These were very easy, my whole family loved them and I will definantly be making these again. Made as a thank you for Help-a-cameraless-Chef. Thanks!

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JoJoStar July 01, 2008

Great dish!

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MsPia August 24, 2012

i loved this dish . i used boullion cube . and dark raisins it was savory and went well with my rice it was really good

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Dienia B. September 06, 2011

I tried this recipe earlier this summer -it was so nice i processed some in canning jars adding sauce without thickening it until opened )--tested out delicious...Now I am making a big batch for the Canadian Thanksgiving for family-with a few vegans in family I decided to use an organic vegetable broth(veggen & vegan approved) & just added a bit of cinnamon -with the ginger &popping it in a crockpot after blanching the garden fresh sliced carrots-for a few hours should make these melt in the mouth tender morsels! [just reporting back-the glazed carrots were a hit-I forgot to mention they tasted a bit sweeter with the veggiebroth &I did add a dash of vanilla~

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Kazookie October 17, 2008

Yumm! What a fun way to eat carrots. Picky toddler DD & teen DS loved them too! Daddy didn't care too much for them though. These were deliciously sweetened carrots with a slightly sticky sauce that was hard to resist eating right out of the pan! I had to make a couple substitutions that I don't think changed the final outcome too much. I didn't have fresh ginger (normally do, but have been out of state a lot lately), so I used homemade crystallized ginger & cut down the sugar to 1/2 T. instead. The ginger flavor was softened a bit & I know it'll really pop with fresh grated! I was sure I had golden raisins on hand but couldn't find them so used regular ones. I liked the color contrast between the dark raisins & the carrots, but next time will use golden & I think DH might try it again with those. Thanks so much for sharing, Kefuffle! Made in gratitude for encouraging my interest in photo taking.

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**Tinkerbell** May 14, 2008
Glazed Carrots With Ginger