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I made glazed carrots as part of our recent thanksgiving dinner, using a very similar recipe. They tasted amazing and were gone quite quickly, though I admit I underestimated the cooking time of the carrots and they held up the rest of the dinner. How cool would it have been to simply reheat? Very :D I'll be trying this tommoro. One important note: Botulism spores exist in dirt and cling to food pulled from the ground. You should clean your carrots very very well or, better yet, blanch them before canning. A canned batch of root vegetable is an ideal environment for yucky (and possibly deadly) botulism to develop full blown.

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bobalouie October 20, 2009

What can I say? I'm thinking that this is a canned version of my Lemon Glazed Carrots in a jar! I simply couldn't resist making it! :) And honestly, it is super simple! The only change I made was that I used a combination of green, yellow and orange carrots that were organic, so I only scrubbed them and didn't peel them. Thanks for posting a keeper!

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Axe September 22, 2009

Having misplaced my Ball Blue Book, I was THRILLED to find this here! I made these last year and my kids loved them. I'm canning carrots today and most of them will be done this way. Great way to get my kids to eat their carrots. These come out tasty and yet not overwhelmingly sweet. Just heat and serve!

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rhondalynne August 21, 2008
Glazed Carrots