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I made 4 of these gems this morning intending to have one with my coffee. I polished off the pre cut one and then the whole one I intended for show at this time followed it's oven mate and it's all your fault Jenny! These are scrumptious, especially still warm from the oven, moist, tender, flaky and light as a feather. I just followed the directions right down the line to scone nirvana.

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Annacia October 07, 2011

Nostalgic food that almost brought a tear to my eye! My grandmother used to make glace cherry scones nearly every week, and these were almost like hers use to be, a great accolade indeed Tea Jenny! (She was Scottish by the way.) I made these exactly as posted and manage to get 9 smaller scones from the dough........next time I will make them bigger, but they were part of a bigger teatime treat this time, so I made them smaller. Served these as part of an Afternoon Tea for my French neighbours and there are NONE left! Made for Tea Time in the photo's forum and a real taste of home for me. Thanks for a wonderful classic recipe, a keeper for me and my neighbours all asked for the recipe by the way! FT:-)

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French Tart January 30, 2010
Glace Cherry Scones