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The cookies tasted very good. I did have some difficulties with assembling them. I used 1 box (30 cookies) of Keebler brand shortbread cookies as the base. Working with the caramel and coconut topping was difficult. I couldn't get it to stick to the cookie. Be careful with the topping because it is very hot and you have to work quickly with it before it starts to cool down. The recipe probably made double the amount of topping that was really needed. I think the Samoa cookies have a thin layer of the caramel & coconut topping but my cookies have a big, round glob on the top. I probably won't make these again, unless specifically asked to, because of the amount of work involved in them.

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Marie Nixon August 25, 2002

I agree with Marie - this recipe is difficult. It was tasty however so I have adapted into a cookie bar recipe... Look up Samoa Supreme Cookie Bars.

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Emily September 03, 2002

I liked the recipe however I made a few changes. First I dipped the bottoms of the cookies in melted chocolate and let them sit to thoroughly dry. The second change was that I cooked the topping to 200 instead of 220 and only used 1 cup of coconut. These changes made the topping much easier to work with.

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ttrout December 30, 2006

These are fantastic. My fiancee and I think that they're actually better than the originals! The only problem we have is that we usually have about half the coconut mixture left over when all's said and done. We're making them today and I'm going to use half the coconut (2 cups) and see how they turn out. One request - maybe include what temperature to toast the coconut at in the instructions? They're amazing anyway!!!

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WillsMommy April 18, 2009

Oh MAN!! These are awesome! I actually think that they are even better than girl scout samoas. The only thing that I was sure about was when to take the sauce off of the stove after adding the condenced milk, because I do not have a candy thermometer, so I just took it off when it bubbled and thickend. Luckily it came out GREAT! Thank you so much for this delicious copy cat!

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Juju Bee December 14, 2004

I just compared this recipe to the one I made a couple of months ago, and they are exactly alike except mine doesn't use the shortbread cookies at all. The thick mixture of sugars and coconut will harden on its own to make the cookies. What I do is scoop out balls of the mixture a little smaller than golf balls, put on waxed paper, put another sheet of waxed paper on top, then flatten with the bottom of a glass. It says to make a hole in the center, which I did with a wooden spoon handle. You have to work fast before the mixture hardens, so five at a time is about right. After they harden, melt the chocolate chips in a ziplock bag and cut a small portion off one corner to make drizzling easier. The originals also have a thin layer of chocolate on the bottom. Granted, they are time consuming and not easy to make (and expensive), but the people that tasted them liked them better than the originals. Not something I would do on a regular basis, but if you're craving Samoas, these are worth doing. I rate them 5 stars for taste, but I'd give them a 2 for the trouble factor. LOL

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Gigi March 19, 2004

hey you all this might take alot of work but i assure you that it is mighty tasty. I personally think that all of the work is worth it. Anything worth of having is worth working for. So I encourage you to make it. I made it for a special family and for and old lady who is very friendly that I know. They enjoyed it and asked for more. The only part that i am concered with is the amount of cholesterol/fat. But otherwise go for it.

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girl scout cookie August 05, 2003

These were amazing! Even my sister who hates coconut had to try one. We put the shortbeard cookies on a cookie sheet and poured a spoonful of the topping over top. This made them a little easier to eat as the coconut was not as thick. I think that dipping the cookies in chocolate ahead of time is a great idea and I will try this next time. This recipe is a keeper. Thanks for posting it

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Elboe Bethel March 28, 2008

made these with Lorna Doone shortbread and they were so good, but yes the coconut mixture was a pain to work with. 5 stars for taste! 3 stars for the coconut mix. I am going to try to work out the kinks*more cookies to eat*

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mandabears April 27, 2005

I actually thought these were easy to make..and I'm not a very experienced chef. They are very tasty. I think next time I will not put so much of the topping just so that they will be more like Samoas. They were still very good the way I made them this time. I also did not have a candy thermometer, so I used Juju Bee's advice. Thanks for the recipe.

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leahckelly April 26, 2005
Girl Scout Samoa Cookies (Copycat)