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I cut the recipe in half as it was only DH and myself. I haven't made fresh pasta in (many!!) years, so I felt like a beginner trying out a new recipe. The first time through the pasta machine, my dough fell apart, so more flour was needed. I placed the fresh pasta strands in flour to "un-stick" them and by the last batch through the machine, I had it down to a fine art!!! My only problem, and this was probably my "bad"....was that the pasta was chewy, so I was not sure whether I overcooked the pasta or under cooked it....but it was well worth to explore again! Served it with a wonderful fresh tomato, sausage and cream sauce. DH was happy!!

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Abby Girl September 15, 2011

Wonderful recipe! The texture was perfect and the pasta came out a nice consistency. Make sure there is sufficient flour on your rolling surface as the dough tends to stick if you are trying for a thinner texture. We've tried several other recipes with mixed results and were very pleased to come across this recipe! We look forward to experimenting with different flavored oils.

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Two Expats in France May 25, 2008
Giovana's Fresh Pasta