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These are great, especially the syrup. The spice provides a nice backdrop to the cranberry flavor. I halved the recipe, but used a whole egg. I also swapped the maple to cranberry ratio, since I love fresh cranberries. I didn't have any problems flipping these. Much enjoyed.

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Maito November 15, 2010

A very delicious fall breakfast. I made these gluten free by using my Delicious Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free Pancakes and I actually didn't have maple syrup but had previously made Cinnamon Syrup so I used that in place of the maple syrup omitting the cinnamon sticks. I just incorporated spices that make up pumpkin pie spice less the nutmeg because of its intoxicant nature. I used rice milk for the milk and did modify the amounts of apple sauce, and oil for which I used canola. I used fancy molasses and two eggs as per the gluten free recipe. We enjoyed this with a tall glass of orange juice each. I wont make these again unless I get a nonstick frying pan but I think that is only the gluten free modification I made that caused them to stick to the cast iron pan I used. Also I cooked them at a higher temperature so that may also be why. I suggest sticking to this recipe in terms of temperature.

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UmmBinat October 15, 2009

These were a mixed bag for us, the pancakes were difficult to cook all the way through with out the outsides get overly tough and dried out. I adjusted the heat, tried thinning them out, nothing quite worked. DH loved the cranberry maple syrup (I don't do maple so this is his review) and it went well with the gingerbread flavor. I make my own version of maple syrup for him using Brown Sugar Splenda. He really like the addition of the cranberry and orange, it took some of the too sweet edge that the Splenda can have. Made for PRMRT

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momaphet December 14, 2013

Wow! Christmas in August. These are delicious and the syrup put thme over the top. These are going to be on our menu during Christmas holidays, for sure. Made as written and turned out perfectly.

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Outta Here August 23, 2013

i used Never Fail Syrup to make the maple syrup since we use real maple at our house ,and we are very chinzy with it .these were kinda doughy for me but i added a tablespoon of lemon juice and it lightened up the dough i liked the flavor the syrup is wonderful

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Dienia B. December 27, 2011
Gingerbread Pancakes With Cranberry-Maple Syrup