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This was a really fun and adorable Christmas project for my DD and I. We totally enjoyed ourselves for a whole day. The directions were great. We had 2 places that we didn't have enough ingredients. We added a cup of flour to the dough and we added powdered sugar to the icing to get it to the right consistency. Made for Aus/NZ swap

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Lavender Lynn December 22, 2009

This is a fantastic recipe!! I had never made gingerbread before and this was so easy to follow and tasted fabo. My son and I took on the task of making an edible Christmas village this year, we made three houses to the sizes you have listed below and 2 larger houses. It was one of the most fun projects we have done what with the baking, decorating and of course the eating. It was fun collecting all the things to put in the village and the only things that were unedible were the grass, train and trees. I made everyone wait through Christmas day though, before destroying it as it looked great and so all the guests could get photos. We eventually demolished it which was fun and it tasted great. A perfect recipe if you have never made gingerbread houses before and very clear precise instructions thanks Chef floWer for a great recipe.

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The Flying Chef December 30, 2008

Great recipe! the dough is fairly easy to handle ( I did need a little extra flour as mine was rather too soft at first) and it baked up well, and the baked pieces held together well when putting the house together too. One point: with two egg whiles in the icing I needed more than 3 cups of icing sugar to get even a slightly stiff paste, with only one cup of icing sugar the mixture had the fluidity of oil.... but we got there in the end, even with two kids underfoot . My decorating skills were not up to par today (apologies) but I needed to get this assembled rather quickly for DD's end of year class lunch and the teacher hamper... so the decorating suffered. Next time I will make it far enough in advance to not have the time problem. The results taste great... and this is a recipe that I will use again. Please see my rating system: 4 excellent stars for a great tasting recipe. Thanks!

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kiwidutch December 21, 2008

I found this as my children wanted to try making gingerbread houses for the first time. They smelled divine while baking, and withstood my childrens' efforts while decorating them. I used caramel rather than icing to assemble them as we didn't have the patience to wait for icing to set. It would probably be worth adding a note to the recipe reminding people to allow the initial mixture to cool before adding the yolks - and it's also worth noting that considerably more flour than called for in the recipe is needed to make a firm dough (I'd guess I added at least a cup more). Thank you for making my children very happy!

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Hawthorne December 21, 2008

Oh SO adorable. These, combined with Flower's chocolat christmas trees, are just perfect on s holiday table. I had grat fun making them; everyone thought them charming; and theye are good eating (got a little hard--but really good dunked in coffee LOL). Thanks, Flower!

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Chef Kate December 26, 2007
Gingerbread House (Mini Gingerbread Houses)