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Delicious! Soft dough handles well after chilling (Step7-8) - I refrigerated dough overnight. Step 6 make them very easy to roll to 1/4-inch thickenss after dough was chilled. I used a 3-inch gingerbread man-shaped cookie cutter, and recipe made 48 gingerbread, and about 20 (1-1/2") smaller men I cut from the scraps. I cooked them a little longer than stated, as we like gingerbread men crunchy. Next time I'll add more ginger, etc. to suit out taste (guess I was thinking gingersnaps). I froze cookes and will ice them just before placing in clear decorated bags to include in gift baskets. (Thus I can't comment on icing yet.) Mean, thanks for a delicious recipe that works well, even for a novice.

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BeachGirl November 08, 2003

Awesome! I love gingerbread cookies and this one was a real winner! I think the best tip was cooling the dough AFTER it was rolled out, it made the dough easy to work with and easy to ransfer the cut outs to the baking sheet. I rolled out the scraps and cooled it again before cutting out the shapes. I made these for a Christmas bake exchange and they were a real hit. I didn't use the icing suggested, I used melted white chocolate instead. This recipe made 15 dozen tiny gingerbread men ( approx. 1 inch tall) thanks for this great recipe!

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* Pamela * November 29, 2003

Great flavor, I didn't have a problem with sticking, I did refrigerate as directed and added about 1/4 t. of ground cayenne (red) pepper to punch up the flavor a bit more (my favorite Gingersnaps, Stauffer's list that as an ingredient in their cookies).
If you like them soft, don't roll them quite as thin, if you like them crisper, I would suggest leaving in a bit longer, any thinner rolling might make it difficult to transfer from surface to pan.
We decorated with our own lemon glaze (3/4 c. powdered sugar, 1 T melted butter, 1 T. milk, 1/2 t. vanilla extract, 1/2 t.lemon juice & food coloring). Very tasty. Thanks for sharing!

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Larawithoutau December 14, 2010

These are wonderful, and the flavor gets better a day or two after they're made. They stay nice and soft, too! I formed the dough into logs and froze it. After it thawed, I sliced it and baked it that way, rather than rolling the dough out. I didn't make the icing - instead I made a simple powdered sugar and milk glaze, flavored with a bit of Kahlua. I dipped one end of the cookies in this and topped them with red and green sprinkles. I don't think I've made gingerbread cookies before but I have eaten enough of them to know this is a great recipe. Thank you!

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Vino Girl January 01, 2005

These are great! I made only half a batch today to test the taste of these before christmas, and I'll definitely be making a few more. I did, however, have to bake them for about 3 minutes longer to cook all the way through.

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89240 December 18, 2003

Great recipe, I did everything except I did not have unsulphured molasses on hand, but the regular molasses worked just as well. These cookies are soft and yummy, and the icing is perfect. Great recipe.

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shera_ashley December 12, 2003

This recipe was easy to follow and simple to make. The results were AMAZING. They were an enormous hit where I took them. I had to use honey as I was unable to get my hands on the treacle but they were still amazing and I'm looking forward to trying again. I bought some marzipan and put a small ball that I flattened out on each cookie and then put a chocolate coated coffee bean on top of that and they were delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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Satyne May 12, 2012

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this recipe until now. *smacks self in forehead* I've been using this recipe since I first joined RecipeZaar. That was way back before they changed the name to Food.com. This was a recipe by one of my favorite posters, Mean Chef; he posted it back in October of 2003. I have it printed out in my favorites notebook on my shelf, but I needed to share it with my daughter who is now all grown up and on her own and needed the recipe for herself. This is the recipe my 5 kids have grown up eating. We all love it and I still make recipes from Mean Chef's postings all the time. This makes a great tasting dough for cutouts or houses. Thanks Mean Chef for posting it all those years ago, and thanks to Kim D. for adopting it. :)

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Piper Lee December 08, 2011

This recipe was wonderful! The dough was easy to work with as long as it was cold. I made about 4 dozen cookies with this recipe so it was a good yield too. I used all fresh spices and felt at first that it wasn't enough. By the next morning though, the flavor seemed to intesify, and they were spot on! The cookies were thick and yet still tender, with a slight crunch but still softer than a gingersnap! I only gave it 4 stars because I wanted an icing without raw eggs so I found another on here that definitely added to the flavor. Thanks for sharing!

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Ricearoni161 December 26, 2010

A wonderful dough to work with, not crispy and dry like the gingerbread cookies we made when I was a kid. They taste good, too. I may try them with a little freshly grated ginger and some blackstrap molasses next time (I like them really spicy!) My son had a great time helping me cut out the "gingermen" and little Christmas trees.

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Jmommy209 December 21, 2010
Gingerbread Cookies