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YUM! This was my first attempt at a gingerbread, and I must say the recipe is amazing! Not too bland, not overwhelmingly spicy, nice moist consistancy with a chewy edge. I swapped the stout for 1 cup of espresso as another reviewer stated, and it tastes fine that way to me. I also did without the cardamon as I didn't have any on hand. My only "unhappiness" with this recipe is that even though I was heavily forwarned, this thing is STICKY!!!!!! I tried to put them in my mini bundt silicone cups, and out of 24 muffins made, I am left with 7 that are round. I greased them, floured them, did both (even though supposedly silicone has no need for it). I wound up eating most of the crumbs (the ones that my roommates managed NOT to steal- because it is super tasting!) and as for the rest I hope my family will forgive their apperance. Served warm with whipped cream, this recipe is perfect. Next year I'll pulling out a loaf pan to make it easier!

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anie_lovelylady_03 December 23, 2010

The best! Not just the best gingerbread, possibly the best cake never. I have been making this recipe since I saw it posted on Smitten Kitchen, I make it in a bundt pan and it turns out reliably delicious every time. I do sub 1/2 cup of the oil with unsweetened applesauce, I have also tried a variety of stout beers. I believe guinness turns out the darkest, stickiest cake. Any way you decide to make this cake, you will love it!

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jackieliz December 09, 2012

This gingerbread was very good. It was moist, yes, but it was not very gingerbread-y. I was expecting a gingerbread with much more robust flavor. It seemed to be something. For this reason, I am not giving it a five.

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Chris Reynolds September 16, 2012

Exceptionally rich and moist. The best gingerbread recipe I have seen. I did not have the cardamon, unfortunately, but will try that next time. I found that 45 mins. was the correct baking time, at least for my oven. Give this a try, you will love it.

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wbradk July 13, 2012

This is an exceptionally rich, spicy and moist gingerbread, I must say! I loved it! Adding the stout beer plus the cardamon gave it a very unique flavor, I think. I was a bit nervous at first about the outcome, but it came out beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

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Chef Treenie December 26, 2010

I've already made this twice and getting ready for a 3rd. I love the spicyness and how moist this cake turns out. I made everything as the recipe calls for with the exception of cardamon which I don't have and wasn't able to locate in my stores. So it's been a hit and will most likely be a standard for many get togethers to come.

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OCMom1 April 23, 2010

This was my first shot at making gingerbread cake, and it turned out amazing!! I used the Guninness Extra Stout, as well. I served it with a dollop of whip cream, and it went well with our spiked eggnog :) Keep an eye on the cake during the last few minutes of baking; it only took me 45 minutes to bake completely, then again I had the oven on all day from baking cookies, so I'm sure it was VERY pre-heated. Also, definitely don't skimp on the buttering and flouring of the bundt pan. If you think you've gone overboard with the amount of flour and butter, then you have the right amount. Mine didn't stick at all. Thanks, Lizzie-Babette, for a wonderful recipe that I will be making a lot.

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jusme December 26, 2009

Excellent! I've made it twice now with Guinness Extra Stout beer. First was for a company potluck. I'll be taking this second one for the xmas get-together with family. Mine definitely looks a lot darker than the photo Erin R posted, so I posted a photo. This second time I got impatient and didn't wait for it to cool. When I attempted to lift it off the rack (from a toaster oven...kind of wide rails) the bottom fell out. I ate those pieces and tried to hide the evidence. Good stuff!

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Can Opener December 21, 2009

This was delicious! I don't have a fluted cake pan so I used two loaf pans instead. I also substituted dark coffee for the stout, as suggested, and added pieces of crystallized ginger. The only problem was that I had a hard time getting it out of the pan and it got messy, but I figure I'll slather it with whipped cream and it will be fine. My husband keeps nibbling on the pieces as he walks by. Great recipe.

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ksparker December 21, 2009

Tremendous gingerbread! Oh wow, what a winner. I subbed in a half cup of Splenda and a half cup of applesauce for equal amounts of the sugar and oil, respectively, and the cake was none the wiser. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with a dab of applesauce and whipped cream, my family inhaled it. Try to be as serious as you can about greasing your pan, though. I used a well greased silicone bundt and still lost a bit of the cake surface. This mofo is sticky. So good though, with its blast of ginger flavor. Also, my goon of a dog had a taste of the boiled molasses and stout when I set it out on the patio to cool, but it didn't seem to hurt anything. (head shaking) Learn from my foolishness and don't assume that a dog would never want to drink warm molasses beer. (head shaking again) Anyway, thanks for a new Christmas tradition, Lizzie!

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Erin R. December 20, 2009
Gingerbread Cake (Spicy)