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i made a full recipe but was disappointed first because the dough was kind of dry and when we baked them they were like bricks! I ran about 1/4 cup shy on molasses so I used some dark corn syrup-maybe that changed the structure of the dough but I wouldn't think it would!?<br/><br/>also, I'm used to eating gingerbread boys just as they are with a cup o tea and enjoy the usual sweetness and a mouthful of flavor from the spices that gingerbread is known for -so if you enjoy full gingerbread flavor and a nicely sweet cookie without frosting then this is not the recipe for you!<br/>I wish I would have experimented with 1/3 the recipe until I was sure that it was the one for me because it makes a LOT of dough! :-(

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cooknwoman January 05, 2014

Excellent recipe, on so many levels. This is extremely easy to work with, and reduced like a charm. I cut the recipe down to 1/4, as I was only after a small batch. It made two 9" gingerbread boys, and if I were more frugal with the scraps, could probably have managed a third. As it was, I just rolled out the 'hunk' of remaining dough and baked it for nibbling or wolfing down....whichever is your preference. :) The spice level is lower then most, so this would please even those that don't generally care for gingerbread. For our tastes, next time I will increase the amounts as we prefer it a little stronger. A big plus in my mind is the sweetness. This has a perfect level. After all, most are iced, so why would you need all that extra sugar in the dough. The dough baked up to a soft, puffy cookie that says 'comfort' through and through. Thanks so much Tink for sharing your private recipe. I'm so glad to have tired it, and will certainly be using it again.

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Diana #2 December 22, 2010
Gingerbread Boy Cookies