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This granola is delicious, crunchy and sweet. I was surprised to see there is no oil in it. It has a lot of sugar so over time I may see if I can get by with less and still keep the crunchy consistency. I was also surprised that this recipe doesn't use any crystallized ginger. The first time I made it I added it, but I'm not sure it added noticeable flavor beyond the ground ginger. The second time I skipped the crystallized ginger and I am not noticing its absence at all. I can also say that in my haste, both times I added the dried fruits (cranberries and dates) along with the nuts etc so they cooked along with everything else, and that was fine. I think the granola is still great even though I missed following the recipe to the letter.

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maple37 November 16, 2011

I"ve made many many granola recipes here on Zaar and this is a first for me using these combination of spices in the total mix- ie: cardamon, nutmeg, ginger. Also, a first for me using o.j. in a granola recipe. The total combination of ingredients work well together and makes for a very tasty granola. The smell throughout the house while this is baking is wonderful. A definite repeat.

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CoffeeB July 06, 2010
Ginger Spice Crunchy Granola