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At long last I got around to making this recipe that you have developed for me. Thank you thank you Bergy!!!. You are a such a sweetie to do this. As you know, these are my favourite style of Biscotti. They are so expensive to buy. Now I can have Ginger Pistachio Biscotti any time I like. I think you are so close to the original flavour and texture of the biscotti that it doesn’t matter. In fact, I broke a bit off your biscotti and gave it to my DD to try and she thought that I had bought another packet of Ginger Pistachio Biscotti from the shop. Congratulations Bergy!! My hat is off to the good cook that you are. These biscotti are very very good. The ginger flavour is excellent and I reckon that the pistachio goes great with the preserved ginger. I recommend that Zaar people try this recipe, you wont be disappointed. Hugs Bergy! :-)

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Chrissyo February 07, 2003

REALLY REALLY good. I used crystallized ginger because I didn't have preserved ginger on hand, and freshly grated lemon peel instead of orange zest. Delicious without the salt too. YUM!

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Pepita July 26, 2006
Ginger Pistachio Biscotti