Ginger Pickles

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Total Time
9 hrs
1 hr

This is an old timey ginger pickle..canning recipe. I wont say its the easiest in the world, but it makes very good pickles. I think the powdered lime is available most everywhere....Im sure the alum is. Hope ya'll like these....:-)

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  1. Peel cukes and cut out seed.
  2. Cut into finger length strips.
  3. Soak for 12 hours in lime water (3 cups lime to 2 gal water).
  4. Wash and soak in alum water for 3 hours (1/2 cup powdered alum to 2 gal water).
  5. Drain--DO NOT WASH.
  6. Soak for 6 hours in ginger water (1/2 cup powdered ginger to 2 gal water) Drain--DO NOT WASH.
  7. Add all other ingredients and boil for 1 hour.
  8. Put in hot sterilized jars and seal while hot.