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I agree with previous reviewer; these are more of a muffin than cupcake. Very tasty but I must add that I had to do a last minute substitution as I discovered I had no fresh ginger (usually have some in refrigerator) so I had to substitute with 1 tsp ground ginger. The taste was still very good, with a subtle hint of ginger. The ginger taste was more predominant in the batter (of course I tasted it!) than the finished product using the dried ginger. I also added about 1/4 tsp of dried orange zest. I got 18 muffins from this batch. I also added more sugar to the glaze to make it thicker and it still never really "hardened." Makes for a little bit of a messy muffin...but yes, I will definitely make this again. I was thinking of topping with some chopped, candied ginger too. Maybe next time!

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HisPixie February 18, 2012

These were very delicious. However, these have the consistency of muffins more than cupcakes - the batter was pretty thick and sticky. Also, I would have preferred more orange flavor so maybe adding some orange zest would've been good. But, overall, they were great. Oh, and the glaze is to die for. I added a little more sugar than it called for to make it a little thicker. Thanks for posting it!

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MommyToTwo October 28, 2009

Very tasty and easy to make! I also added orange zest and a little more orange juice to the recipe! I absolutely love the glaze, it's the extra kick of flavor and sweetness that makes these cupcakes great!!! I also added more sugar to make the glaze thicker. Thanks for this recipe!!!

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luamia28 July 12, 2014
Ginger Orange Cupcakes