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Wow, really, really nice. The cake is really moist and fluffy. I slightly underbaked them and that was a good decision. I highly recommend these.

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KWB March 20, 2009

Made for Photo Tag 2008 These caupcakes are wonderful...a lovely change from the *norm*.If you love lemon and ginger you will adore them! I think I could have got about 16 cupcakes out of the batter as I filled the pans a bit too fool so we have hats on our cupcakes but they still taste delicious.The lemon icing accents the ginger in the cupcakes beautifully. Thanks Reds!!!

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Lorrie in Montreal July 03, 2008

These turned out really well. the citrus level is a bit tart for my taste, but I think that's because I didn't mix the icing correctly. I think it would help if you added in your instructions that the toasted coconut and crystallized ginger should be mixed in with the icing prior to putting on top of the cupcakes. Most of mine fell onto the surface below because the icing had already started to solidify - this probably wouldn't happen if i were Ina Garten or some other domestic god(dess). I really liked your suggestion to whip the egg whites and fold them into the cake batter - it really did make for very light and airy cupcakes. Thanks for the recipe. I shall only use for special occasions, however, because of the intensely high calorific value per cupcake - but they're worth it! On another note, I madethese for a firend who is lactose intolerant and I substituted the milk for a mxture of Soy Creamer and water - and it worked a treat - hope that this is not contrary to your aim, since I see that you are registered as "Milk Website". I love milk, cream and cheese, but gotta look after my lactose-challenged buddies too - for the carbon footprint if for nothing else.

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graeme.wilson May 21, 2008
Ginger-Lemon Cupcakes