Ginger Fizz

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

Found this in Juicing for Life

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  1. Push ginger through hopper with apple.
  2. Pour into ice filled glass.
  3. Top with water.
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Light, yummy, refreshing, pick me up!! Ran this through the juicer and was sipping it down in under a minute. I thought the balance was very nice here. Enjoyed under the warm Guam sun for my afternoon break! Thanks Rita!! Made for Veg*n Swap 29!

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Nice kick. I used apple cider and soda water. My mouth is still fizzy. A little bit of ginger is also nice in champagne. If you don't have a sprig of mint, you can garnish with a clothespin -- Rita you can explain. Made for Zaar World Tour and enjoyed in the company of Jimeoin.

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I don't have a juicer but this recipe really drew mw in as I like ginger as a beverage ingredient. Instead I grated up my ginger and squeezed the juice into the apple juice. The results were delicious - a little peppery from the ginger but a light crispness from the sparkling water. Not a big fan of juices as they are rather sweet, but in this the bubbling water made it all work for me. Thanks!