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These cookies are nice basic cookies, which are easy and quick to make and yield a crunchy, yummy result. I enjoyed the addition of cocoa and that they were eggless, yet thought they could have benefitted from a tad more spice. Maybe some cinnamon and cloves or just a little bit more ginger next time. But all in all a great basic recipe, that I look forward to making again.
I made half the recipe and ended up with 26 cookies.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this lovely recipe with us, Chef floWer!
Made and reviewed for Aussie/NZ Recipe Swpa #47 December 2010.

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Lalaloula December 04, 2010

Nice cookies. We made Christmas shapes. We did not glaze; just ate them plain. You cannot taste the chocolate at all. They are more of a spice cookie. Very nice and crispy. Thanks.

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ladypit December 16, 2007

For my 5 star rating I am really taking the healthy aspect into strong consideration. There is no egg to add cholesterol, I used 1/3 cup of Splenda Brown Sugar, a slightly generous 1/3 cup of heart health margarine and made up the 12 cup with unsweetened applesauce. I simply LOVE that these cookies use whole wheat. I opted for the "few" drops of vanilla. I needed to add more flour to get a dough that was stiff enough to cut well (likely because I added the applesauce). Best of all they taste wonderful! the amount of ginger is right on the button for a nice little nip of ginger. I chose to skip the icing and not add all that extra (and un-needed) sugar. It's a great recipe.

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Annacia October 23, 2007

If I had read the whole recipe and seen it was a cut out (not the gingersnaps I thought it was!), I might not have made it. I am not a cut out kind of person. Maybe I will try the previous reviewer's way. :) Anyways, I have never heard of kneading cookie dough and think I put too much milk in. I rolled it out and got about 14 biscuit sized cookies. I had enough for 2 more, so we just ate the dough. It was yummy. I didn't ice them. They have a unique flavor. However, my DD said, "Just make the cookie dough next time." We both liked the raw dough!

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WI Cheesehead May 27, 2007

These cookies were delish!!! I had alittle bit of trouble with the dough, i added alot more than 1 tsp! I also just rolled a blob of dough into a ball and then flattened it between the palms of my hands instead of rolling it all out. I iced mine with a simple icing (vanilla, milk and icing sugar) and then i topped it with a cherry. All in all it was a great flavor of cookie! Thanks for the recipe Chef floWer!

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BestTeenChef March 05, 2007
Ginger Cookies