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I made this recipe for a few people and it was a big hit. I used my pressure cooker and the flavors were terrific. Make sure not to serve this with any powerful side dishes, the flavors of this are subtle. I followed the recipe rather closely but with the following adjustments: -I did not remove the skins of the chickpeas, maybe that was suggested to let the chickpeas absorb more flavor? But I didn't want to do it and it still tasted great. -I browned the chicken before cooking it in the pressure cooker, which is usually recommended to help "lock in" the flavors. -I added some frozen spinach to the pot after pressure cooking - added to the recipe without overpowering the flavors and looked gorgeous.

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Mary_in_Seattle May 27, 2010

Five gold stars! What a delicious dish -- the chickpeas are soft and creamy yet still maintain their integrity; the chicken is juicy and tender; the sauce has such a velvety finish from the butter. I was so enamored of the taste and texture of the sauce that I skipped adding the cornstarch slurry; otherwise followed instructions to the letter. Truly a terrific dish, Nasseh!

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Chef Kate January 01, 2009

5 Stars, I am in love! This reminded me of a superb complexly layered pea soup, that is completely different from my other chicken standards. I am not sure I even did the recipe correctly. I used 2 large skinless chicken breasts and grated fresh ginger with the given measurements. I startd from dried garbanzo beans, which required an 8-hour soak, plus 30 minutes to shell the beans after cooking; I spared myself the extra salt, but the slowest chopper in the Western Hemisphere would be better off rinsing and draining canned garbanzo beans instead, I think. I used the pressure cooker, and let the press.ure come down naturally. Made for 1-2-3 Hit Wonders.

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KateL July 06, 2008

This is a really great recipe. I used the pressure cooker and caned chickpeas. This is a quick and easy, delicious comfort food.

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aaron045 February 14, 2008
Ginger Chicken With Chickpeas (Moroccan Tagine)