Ginger Beer

READY IN: 312hrs 5mins
Recipe by Carol Skilton

Ginger beer is nature's champagne. this is the recipe my mother and grandmother used to make. It is a delicious refreshing drink on hot summer days. Caution: Bottles must be stored in a cool place and not shaken. Chill thoroughly before opening but be prepared for it to fizz over. While storing it is a good idea to cover with large piece of plastic in case a cap blows or a bottle

Top Review by TommyGato

Thanks for sharing this interesting glimpse of homebrewing history. I hope that anyone who wants to try brewing will vist a homebrew supply co. to buy not only sanitizer but a package of brewer's yeast, yeast nutrient, and a couple of airlocks with stoppers to fit gallon jugs. This should all cost less than 5 dollars if you have your own jugs. I would also use corn sugar, fructose, or honey in this recipe for best results. Table sugar will give your brew a cidery flavor. Sanitized plastic soda bottles and screw caps should work for bottling but be patient. It takes about 2-3 weeks for the "fizz" to develop fully.

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  1. -------TO GET BUG WORKING-------.
  2. Mix the yeast, ground ginger, 2 tspns of sugar and lukewarm water together in a large glass jar.
  3. Cover with a cloth (the sort of material that you would use to strain jelly through as the bug needs to breathe).
  4. Let stand for 24 hours.
  5. After this feed the bug every day for 10 days with 1 tspn of ground ginger and 1 tspn of sugar.
  6. ---------TO MAKE THE BEER----------.
  7. Put 1 litre of the water and the sugar in a saucpan.
  8. Heat gently while stirring until the sugar dissolves.
  9. Take off the heat and add the rest of the water and the lemon juice.
  10. Without disturbing the sediment, strain the ginger beer bug liquid through 2 layers of scalded muslin.
  11. Add this liquid to the sugared water.
  12. Pour the mixture into clean bottles, cap tightly and leave to stand for 2 days, or until it starts to fizz.
  13. After this, it must be kept in a cool place or the fridge to prevent the tops blowing.
  14. I use a sterilizing powder obtained from home brew shops to sterilize my bottles.
  15. After making the beer divide the sediment in the jar into two.
  16. You now have 2 bugs to feed and can double the beer recipe.
  17. As you double the bugs each time you increase the number of bottles you can produce.
  18. After all available surfaces are covered with bug jars and you are swamped with beer you can give the extra bugs away to get others on the treadmill.

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