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This is excellent, and after-work friendly as well. I made this as is, using a 3 lb. whole Lake Superior white fish, 1 inch of ginger sliced, and roasted the fish at 425° F. I also added a dash of soy to the sauce in step #11 and I garnished with chopped, fresh cilantro and served with steamed jasmine rice and sauteed bok choy. You're right Dale, I think this would be excellent with coconut rice and if I wasn't so rushed after work, I would have done the rice that way. My husband picked the bones clean with his chopsticks and said to give you a million stars. Thanks Dale!

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Hey Jude November 10, 2003

Excellent excellent!! I have just had this for dinner and it went down very well. I served it with Ken Hom's stir fried mixed vegetables (recipe posted today) and steamed rice. Definitely a keeper.

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HappyBunny July 05, 2004
Ginger and Chilli Baked Fish