Ginger Ale(For the Juicer)

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

Apples, juiced in your juicer with fresh ginger! Adapted from Living and Raw Foods.


  1. Juice apples and ginger in your juicer. Place in 1/2 gallon jar.
  2. Pour in mineral water or purified water to top of jar.
  3. The mineral water makes it taste like sparkling ginger ale! Enjoy!
Most Helpful

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Outstandingly fresh and delicious drink! We added a squeeze of lemon to keep the color. It did not need sugar at all. We used sparkling water and everyone loved it. DH even had a small cocktail mixed with vodka. Cheers!

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I made this with green apples and about 4 times the amount of ginger. The apple juice was so sour that I couldn't even taste the ginger, but my 12yo son said he could. 4yo said he liked it sour! 12yo decided to add a *lot* of sugar. I tried it with honey. Then it tasted like honey soda! I tried it with the sugar and it was really good that way, and I could finally taste the ginger. I will try this again with a sweeter kind of apple. Maybe galas. Though the green apples (I didn't peel them) made the drink a very pretty color. Reviewed for the December Veg*n Recipe Swap.

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I did half of it and it gave me 2 glasses. I used club soda . We really loved this :) So good and fresh. Thanks Sharon. Made for Newest Zaar tag.