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Fantastic Heatherfeather...I used frozen (hate to admit that) calamari and just made the sauce but oh man, it was good. My DS loves calamari and he raved about this! Thank you!

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Rise` July 10, 2002

Very tasty recipe with a strong Mediterranean flavour. I had to use a very large pot to saute the calamari in rather than a medium one. 3 lbs is a lot of calamari and in the smaller pot they would have steamed in their own juices rather than sauteed. Thanks.

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evelyn/athens September 12, 2003

super dinner. I had picked up a package of mixed squid shrimp and octopus and been to afraid to try it (I hate fishy seafood and some frozen is). They were wonderful in this sauce. Will use it often and i think that every element can also be used as a simple pasta sauce as well. YUM.

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MarraMamba October 07, 2007

Niiiiccce Monday night supper! I used about a half-pound of Argentine pink shrimp from Trader Joe's plus about 5 "squid bodies" cut into 1-inch rings, then sort of halved the rest (since there are only 2 of us), using a 14.5 ounce can of diced Muir Glen organic tomatoes. I was surprised that the garlic flavor wasn't more pronounced but if it had been, my fiance might have raised his eyebrows ... whatevah! The fragrance of the seafood sauteeing in the wine-sherry-garlic mixture was to die for (sherry ROCKS!); I could have stopped right there and eaten the whole skillet of just that! I kind of lost the recipe at the lemon juice measurement there; I assumed it meant the juice of half a lemon, so in halving it I used about a quarter-lemon and in the future will use more, plus extra red pepper. Overall, very tasty; I served with linguine, a salad, and garlic bread and it was delish. Thanks for posting, Heather!

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EdsGirlAngie July 07, 2004
Gilroy Garlic Festival Red Sauce (For Calamari or Shrimp)