Gigi's Quick Lettuce & Fruit Salad

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 0 mins

No one did it better than Gigi. She made this little salad for us all the time using different fruits - -sometimes peaches, sometimes pears. I always loved it. This recipe shows how to make it for 1 person, but it doesn't take much to increase it for however many you wish to serve.

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  1. Place a leaf of lettuce on a plate.
  2. Place a 1/2 of a pear or peach on the lettuce.
  3. Put Miracle Whip on top of the fruit.
  4. Sprinkle with paprika.
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A delightfully pleasant lite lunch! Lovely combination, I used no fat mayo, because that's what I had in. I can hardly wait for the fresh peaches to come in and I sure will try it with a pear, going to be making this one often throughout the summer. thanks for posting!

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Years ago you were unable to get fresh fruit in winter,except apples & oranges, the reason the recipe was created to use canned fruit, usually home canned. I make this way & sometimes I put a spoon of cottage cheese in groove of the fruit with Miracle Whip on the lettuce leaf on the bottom and always sprinkle with paprika! It is simple and delicious!