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This Giblet Stock was the perfect base for my Thanksgiving turkey gravy. Making this recipe on an insanely busy holiday was simple because it contained the same fresh ingredients that I had prepared for other dishes. I simmered the turkey parts for three hours to developed a deep flavor. The Giblet Stock rendered the perfect amount of broth for Guiltless Turkey Gravy. Thank you, Rita~, for a top-notch stock that inspired my Thanksgiving guests to request, "Please pass the gravy."

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Garden Gate Kate December 01, 2014

Very nice rich broth! I did not use giblets or liver- I am squeemish. lol I did use necks and wings and it was great. Loved the sage in this- added another layer of flavor that was very nice. I doubled the recipe and used all of it for chicken soup. I will make it again and freeze in 2 cup portions. Thanks Rita for a great recipe!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) October 12, 2005
Giblet Stock from Turkey or Chicken or ?? for Soup or Gravy