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Brought this out to oohs and ahhs - it really does look like a giant icecream sandwich. I changed the recipe a bit to add peanut butter flavour: I spread a thin layer of pb on the bottom brownie before adding the icecream, and instead of toffee bits, I crushed up a couple of Crispy Crunch chocolate bars. It was definitely tasty, but I had a problem with the brownie part being too hard when frozen compared to the icecream - made it so hard to cut, and hard to eat. I think next time I will freeze the icecream in the cake pan so it will be the right shape, keep the brownie part in the refrigerator and assemble it just before serving. Thanks for a fun recipe! p.s. Sauce was delicious.

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fluffystew September 01, 2008

Congrats! Your recipe will be featured on our homepage today as the "Recipe of the Day! "

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Food.com August 02, 2011

I made this for a friend for her birthday and she loved it! I added nuts in with the brownie mixture and then froze the ice cream in a 9x9" cake pan, then assembled the cake right before serving time. Was easy to assemble and everybody loved it!

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wholelottagall September 06, 2011

Yum! A very fun dessert to make to impress guests! I used a homemade brownie recipe for this and took another reviewers suggestion to freeze the ice cream in the cake pan for shape - this worked well. I also cheated a bit and just used hot fudge sauce instead of making the sauce in the recipe. If I have those ingredients on hand I'd love to try the sauce part of the recipe as well though! Also we used mint chip ice cream for fun.

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run for your life August 09, 2011
Giant Ice Cream Sandwich