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These are great! I added some mini marshmallows to the batter to make s'mores cookies:) Perfect for the end of summer (and all those cravings!), but I'm sure I'll be making these again for my family...maybe next time I'll even share some with them!!! Thank you for the inspiration:)

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JamesDean'sGirl August 25, 2003

I used small tins to make this in as my daughter wanted to use them. good flavour.

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WonderMima September 04, 2009

I had some leftover cinnamon graham crackers and this was a great way to use them up. Instead of using the kisses in the middle, I mixed semi-sweet chips into half of the mix. I also used a 2tbsp scoop and got about 2 dozen cookies. The flavor was good (I may actually use more graham crackers and less flour next time), but they baked up very crispy for me. They also spread a lot which I didn't mind, but there was no need to flatten before baking. I think I'll try adding an egg or more butter next time to get a softer consistency. Very tasty!

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Sari #3 April 25, 2009

These cookies are great! I didn't have regular graham crackers, so I used some Teddy Grahams to make my crumbs and it worked great. Good flavor - the graham crackers aren't overpowering and these would also be great with chocolate chips in them. They did spread quite a bit - I got 13 cookies from one batch. Next time I'll add a bit more flour so maybe they won't spread so much. Will be making again. Thanks for the post!

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Stacywoo October 05, 2007

These are awesome cookies! I really wish I would've doubled the recipe. ;) I made smaller cookies (about 1" balls) and left the kiss off. After about 10 minutes baking, I removed them and immediately pushed the kiss on top. I left them sit on the counter for about 5 minutes and then pressed a holiday marshmallow into the kiss, so they would have a s'mores taste. I got 30 cookies out of the batch. Thanks for the great recipe! (P.S. I tried pressing the marshmallow into the kisses that I actually baked with the cookie, but they don't melt!)

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Karen=^..^= December 09, 2005
Giant Graham Cracker Cookies With Giant Kiss