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My review is proof that these are an excellent cookie. Even with challenges, these cookies are still incredible. It is a long story, but please bare with me...I was in a hurry when I got home from work on Valentine's Day night. I had decided that instead of one simple appy for dinner with Hubby, I would make just a couple pieces of 3 different recipes. Crazy, I know, but I was craving one thing; he was craving another...you know how it goes. So, anyway, I quickly whip up these cookies for dessert, only to realize after the cookies are in the oven that I used regular flour instead of self-rising. The cookies didn't puff as they baked; they stayed round little balls. So, as I pulled them from the oven, I hit each one with the rounded handle end of my citrus reamer to make them crackle a bit and form an indention in the middle (like a thumbprint cookie). Then, I filled the indention with Nutella and dusted with powdered sugar. It worked. The cookies were saved, and we had a perfect little sweet spot to end our Valentine's dinner. I have submitted a photo of my "flop" for your viewing pleasure. LOL

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Ms B. February 25, 2006

i tried these but left them to long to slice so just sandwiched them together they went down a treat:) i tried them again (next day) but replaced the nutella with a shop bought banoffe spread they where amazing

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lauracarr March 02, 2012

These are pretty darn good!! I dont think I would eat them with out the filling in them because they are a bit plain, but with the filling they are AWESOME!!!

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dougslady716 December 08, 2009

I love nutella, but my family didn't enjoy this recipe. Like some of the previous reviewers, my dough was rather dry. Not at all sticky like the recipe suggested. As a result, the cookies came out very dry and crumbly. They were near impossible to cut, even with the tip provided. They didn't taste like much of anything until the nutella was spread on them. Great idea, it just didn't work for us.

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Novelty December 02, 2009

The star of the show here was the nutella in the middle but I think there must be a much better way to make a cookie using nutella than these. The cookies themselves are tasteless and crumbled in my mouth. From the name of the cookbook that these come from I understand that the idea here was to come up with a dessert using as few ingredients as possible and in that regard they work good enough but I wouldn't make these again.

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invictus December 16, 2008

These just did not work out at all. Maybe some salt would help or i do not know. I am sorry.

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Iceland December 07, 2008

I have made these cookies a few times. I like that it has just a few ingredients - especially since it includes Nutella (yum-o!). I didn't have any problems shaping the dough into balls. While cutting them in half isn't hard (thanks for the serrated knife & cutting tips), it can be a bit time consuming. But, for Nutella fans, it is worth it. They get rave reviews when ever I make them. I think I'm going to add them to my holiday cookie tray this year using the "thumb print" technique ms_bold did by accident. They should still taste great. Thanks Gayla!

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Micki Lea December 04, 2008

These little cookies have me so excited!! I made them super small (I ended up with 3 dozen) and I flattened them before baking. I also added some mini chips and skipped the splitting/filling afterwards. Since they cooked a little too long this time, I think about 5 minutes a batch would be juuuust about perfect. Now I can experiment with ingredients that I, as a candidiasis sufferer, can actually eat! I'm thinking almond butter with a little stevia and some flax meal and brown rice flour...

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cause4chubbyhubby October 02, 2008

These were really easy to make & were quite yummy if you like nutella :)

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Sweet'n'Spicy Chef April 17, 2008
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