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Oh WOW these are soooooo good!!! They melt in your mouth and have such great flavor with a little crisp texture!! The pecorino, with its saltiness, really is a wonderful cheese to make crackers with!! The dough is crumbly so you sort of have to mold the balls with your hand but I live in a very dry area so it might have been a flour/humidity thing. They still bake up wonderfully!! These are so fantastic that you want to eat the whole batch!! I will definitely be making these again and serving with my wine and hors d' oeuvres from now on!!! Thanks for posting this one Spongebob!!!

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Chef*Lee July 02, 2009

DH made these this morning, and when I first saw him, he was spraying the kitchen with cheesy crumbs, using the electric mixer !! I immediately switched him to the food processor ! It never formed a ball, which he did with his hands. He pinched off 24 balls and flattened them with his hand -- needed to bake for 4 extra minutes. They came out like a fairly thick cookie, (looked much like the photo) and never browned at all. On his subsequent pans, he flattened further, tried the bottom of a glass, but without additional flour, tore. In the end, they were tasty -- but wish DH had checked for a review here ! Thanks, Spongebob, for entering this recipe.

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NurseJaney January 03, 2011
Giada's Pecorino Crackers