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This is a recipe I'll be making often to provide at-work-snacks for days when I've been too disorganised or exhausted to bring something suitable to eat. I was able to skip the first five steps as I have been buying regularly a product that this recipe has now replaced - cooked garbanza bean snacks. Problem was that they were somewhat bland! Except for omitting the cayenne pepper (I did add generous grindings of black pepper) - zero tolerance of anything hot and spicy - and using a rosemary and sage blend from a mini grinder instead of fresh rosemary, I followed the recipe exactly. LOVED the end result, and I will be experimenting more as I make these in future with different nut combinations. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! Made for PRMR.

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bluemoon downunder December 29, 2008

Very good stuff. Next time I will use less rosemary, just personal preference. I used Pistachios, Almonds and Cashews with much success. Thanks!

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JanuaryBride July 21, 2008

Mmmm this is a yummy snack. I like the mixture of nuts used as well as the seasonings. Thanks for posting!

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poo235 December 16, 2007

These provided a nice, savory change of pace to our snacking regimen. I too experienced the slightly mushy ceci in the finshed product during my first run. During the second run, I turned on my oven's convection option. As that effectively adds 25 degees F to the temperature, someone without a convection oven can boost the heat by 25 degrees F. Just stay near the oven, as you'll need to check more often. My DH is already asking when I'm going to make another batch. Thanks for sharing!

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MrsDoty March 21, 2007

My husband and my young daughter loved these nuts, so I will give them 4 stars. I was attracted to the combination of sweet and savoury, but in the end, I liked them OK, but not a favorite. First, I want to say that these were pretty fast and easy to whip up! I did not have fresh herbs available, and used a rounded 1/4 t. of powdered rosemary and a scant t. of dried thyme, rubbed in my fingers. After sampling, I feel like these quantities were fine. However, I found them a bit bland - I think next time, I would increase the sugar and salt. One reason may be that a lot of the seasoning stuck to the mixing bowl and the baking pan. I also thought that they were a bit oily, and might use half or a little more of the 3T of oil next time. I used about 1/3 of (strong) EVOO and 2/3 canola. They smelled way too olivey when baking, but upon eating, the OO flavor was just right, and really complemented the other flavors. My other note is about the chick peas. I baked them 40 minutes, and they were a beautiful dark golden. In fact, they were pretty yummy - still a bit moist/chewy in the center. A bunch didn't make it into the recipe ;-) and I can't wait to make some plain with just a bit of salt. However, in the nut mix, I personally didn't care for the softer texture among the crunchy nuts. Now, all that said, my husband thought they were perfect as is, and is looking forward to bring some to work.

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Dorie's Lori March 05, 2007
Giada's Ceci, Pistachio and Almond Mix