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Love Giada DeLaurentiis but not this recipe. In the first ten minutes of cooking, my oven was full of smoke and the fire alarm was screaming! I turned the oven back to 400F, changed the burnt foil to fresh and started again. It still was charring at 400F so I was not impressed. I followed exactly as written and since I had a thermometer in the oven at the time, I know the temperature was correct. After salvaging what I could, I would say there was too much vinegar flavour to it for our tastes. (And the charred flavour wasn't so great either.) Oh well, love her Italian food anyways.

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mums the word April 10, 2008

Thankyou for putting this on Recipezaar. My family ate them up so quick. My family tends to be a little picky, either hubby likes it or kids like it, but rarely the whole family. Yeah, another one that I can make and know everyone will enjoy.

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Gramma'sgirl March 27, 2008
Giada's Balsamic Chicken Drumettes