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Deeeeeelish!! This will hopefully become one of my special treats from now on! I used pecans instead of walnuts but followed everything else to the t. I used a foil lined pan and cooked 6 per sheet and only did one sheet at a time b/c when I did 2 they cooked a different times. It took six minutes each batch. It took a few to get the hang of what it needed to look like before they were done. If you try removing them before they are done cooking you get a sticky mess...which I happily ate. So while a batch was cooking a batch was cooling and that was the perfect amount of time to slide them off easily. Oh, I also rotated my pieces of foil. I didn't let them cool on the foil on the pan, I moved the piece of foil with the cookies onto the counter and let them sit there for 6 minutes then moved to parchment paper waiting to be dipped. And since mine didn't turn out in shapes that could be put together sandwich style I just did a half dip. Next time I will definitely take the advice of using a biscuit cutter! I think the biggest thing to remember is not removing them too early b/c that is when they are hard to work with! I also was told if you refrigerate the mixture you can scoop it out and roll it into balls with your hands...but I didn't have the patience. Thanks for this amazing recipe!

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Ashley S. December 05, 2009

Delicious & simple. Used the microwave instead of double boiler - high for 2 minutes, then stir and continue in 30 sec increments until bubbling. Made 36 sandwich cookies using exactly 1 tsp, no more!! Can't get enough of them...

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Carole July 26, 2015

I really liked these. The flavor reminded me a bit like almond rocca. My cookies didn't turn out very round so I didn't make sandwiches out of them, I just brushed each one with chocolate. Instead of using walnuts I used almonds. To the chocolate mixture I added a little vanilla and some milk to make it a little creamer. I will definitely make these again.

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hunny bunny April 13, 2009

Oh these are so good! they taste like the ones that are sold in the stores, buttery with a slightly chewy texture, I used all butter and I probably should have made as stated as they really spread out when baking, I will make again for sure, great cookie recipe Liza, thanks for sharing!

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Kittencal@recipezazz February 12, 2009

These are delicious! I did have some trouble when they were baking, not sure how far apart to place them on the baking sheet, I did about 2 inches per teaspoon which was not enough because they all baked together into one big cookie! After cooling for just a bit I quickly used a biscuit cutter to cut out circles and the problem was solved! :) These are a crunchy yummy cookie which remind me more of candy and are very addictive! Thanks for sharing your recipe! :)

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Breezytoo October 05, 2008
GG's Lace Cookies