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i also followed the recipe precisely but my batter was like runny cake batter (unlike the other reviewer's firm dough batter!) however, i think that's how it's supposed to be? also, my "cookies" look NOTHING like the photos and i tried making it twice! the top is pretty smooth, no crinkly effect like the picture, it poofs up when baking and then sinks (like a souffle) and there are "air pockets" at the bottom when i turn them over. can you tell me what i'm doing wrong? also, it says to fill to the top with batter but i don't think you should and if you look at the photos, it doesn't look like it was either. if you do that, it doesn't cook properly and came out kinda raw...could really taste the egg. that's even though i left it in the oven for over 10 minutes. i love mochi and i was excited to make these but i'm so disappointed!

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okinawan January 16, 2016

Simple in make and taste, these little morsels were surprisingly delicious! The dough was less runny than expected, but they came out perfectly. Great with a cup of green tea. Thanks!

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colorcage March 14, 2013

These are very good! My dough actually came out rather firm, despite following the ingredients and directions precisely, so I just broke out pieces by hand and rolled them into balls that I then placed in the greased muffin tin. Cook time was spot on and the end result is a chewy, nicely flavored cake. We've been enjoying them plain so far, but the suggested topping ideas would no doubt be a nice touch, as well. Thanks for sharing! PAC Fall '12

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Starrynews November 10, 2012
Gfcf Vanilla Cinnamon 'mochi Cakes'