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Needed extra flour but turned out great

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n_anjel November 30, 2013

This is an outstanding recipe. The addition of caraway adds a new dimension to the same-old same-old varieties. Most delightful.<br/><br/>I think the lady who got a mess when she made this was using a mixture that was too moist. If using leftover spuds that aren't dry enough, add a Tb of flour at a time until the texture is thick and rather dry.<br/><br/>The writer said the original German pancake, made with grated raw potato, had never worked for her. Methinks she didn't squeeze out the liquid MOST thoroughly before proceeding. Another problem is that raw shredded potato grows dark VERY fast, turning grey and unappetizing. To solve both of these, put the grated spuds into a bowl with water to which a spoonful of lime/lemon juice or vinegar has been added. This will retard the darkening. Then, using cheesecloth, wring out the potatoes until your arms ache! A recipe made with these raw potatoes will end up very much like the potato cakes of Arby's. You can season them your own way, though. If you choose to add onion, be sure it doesn't make the mixture wetter. If necessary, dry them with a paper towel before using.<br/><br/>There's also no law that says you can't use a combination of mashed and raw shredded potato. Just be sure the insides are thoroughly cooked so you won't have any raw potato inside the cakes. Maybe you could try this: make the pancakes using only mashed potatoes, then coat them generously with raw potato by pressing them into the shredded spuds, then frying. As for egg or no egg, I'd opt for the egg, especially if I'm not sure the mixture is dry enough. You could, however, substitute one or two egg whites. They might bind almost as well without altering the flavor.

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faster April 22, 2013

I have tried this recipe twice and it has turned out a horrible mess every time

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justine.cormick April 08, 2013

I good use of mashed potatoes and a side for our Schnitzel. I really liked the caraway seed flavor. Only made half a recipe but we still have some leftover.

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adopt a greyhound December 06, 2010

What a great combination of flavors! I've enjoyed fried mashed potatoes since I was a kid, usually if I doctor them it's with cheese and garlic, the caraway and onion was different and delicious! I was cooking for one and didn't have leftover potatoes, so nuked a potato then added light cream and butter and went from there. I skipped the egg, but it held together fine, and didn't have any parsley on hand so left that out too. I'll be making this again, thank for sharing Cookgirl! Made by one of the Unrulies Under the Influence for ZWT6

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momaphet May 27, 2010

Yum. I've tried other potato pancakes with mashed potatoes, but these were the best ones yet. I used leftovers from Kartoffelpuree Meerrettich (Mashed Potatoes With Horseradish Cre. I also needed to add extra flour, and even with that they were a little sticky, but other than getting them off the spoon it didn't pose a problem and they came out moist and delicious. Thanks for a lovely recipe.

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strawberrybird May 25, 2010

These were good. I did find the mixture too sticky so I added extra flour but that may be due to using yellow potatoes like another reviewer who noted the same thing. I also used a gluten free rice flour mix (for every cup white rice flour 1/2 a cup tapioca starch) I did not add milk but added extra butter into the potatoes and fried them in a good unrefined olive oil with mainly butter. I used a brown egg, sea salt and served them with sour cream and a corn free ketchup. 2 out of three preferred the ketchup.

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UmmBinat April 26, 2010

I made these today for a Chrismas get together. I served them with beef tenderloin sandwhichs. They were excellent. This was the first time my husband had potato pancakes. He loved them. I did not use the caraway seeds and I had to increase the flour. I think that my mashed potatoes were a little softer because I used yukon golds so they needed more flour to stiffen them up.

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5JFs December 27, 2008

Great recipe! I just can't go caraway seeds - smell or taste or texture - sorry. Most recipes I've seen today have 'em. This s a great treatment for potatoes (minus the seeds, please). Extremely yummy!

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bbranson44 September 19, 2007
German-Style Crisp Potato Pancakes