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What a MOST WONDERFUL cookie recipe! CB, these tasty little morsels are so yummy, that I will make them for the holidays every year from now on. I couldnt stop myself eating them (and Im not usually a fan of spice cookies)! :) The cloves, cinnamon and pepper go so well together and add a lovely subtle heat to the sweet fruity cookies. Mmmm! I reduced the sugar to by half and still found them wonderfully sweet. Being allergic to nuts I replaced those with chopped sunflower seeds, which worked out nicely. I am German and these cookies taste exactly like the holiday cookies, called "Pfeffernuesse" (pepper nuts), which we buy in the stores for Christmas. The only difference is that these have raisins. What a PERFECT addition! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this recipe with us! Made and reviewed for Everyday Is A Holiday Tag Game November 09.

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Lalaloula November 03, 2009

Delicious spice cookies! Like Lalaloula, I reduced the sugar, I only used 3/4 cup, and they still are sweet enough for me. Wonderful with the addition of raisins. For the nuts I used cashews. Also I used gluten free all purpose flour, it worked perfectly. Loula's right, they taste like Pfeffernuesse except for the raisins. I'm so glad I tried these - thanks for posting!!
Made for More Than Sauerkraut And Dumplings Tag Game / German Forum.

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Mia in Germany April 16, 2012

Coffee these are wonderful. They are clearly spice cookies. I slanted the spice slightly to my taste by doubling the cinnamon. I needed to trim the sugar and the 2.2 dozen that I scaled the recipe too ask for 1 1/3 C brown sugar so I used 1/2 a C of Splenda Brown and 1/3 cup of Splenda regular and that worked beautifully. The raisin amount was cut back also to trim the sugars. My oven was set at 390 F and they baked perfectly in 10 mins. The bottoms were very lightly browned. They are soft and chewy while warm out of the oven and simply scrumptious. A perfect winter cookie. Made for Photo Tag.

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Annacia December 02, 2008

I liked the flavour of these. The amount of sugar threw me off but I guess because of the amount of spices, that much sugar is needed or the cookies would be bitter. I didn't add nuts since DD wants to take them to school and her school is nut free so we used 1 1/2 cups of raisins instead. The bake time or temp should be checked. I baked the first batch (fairly large sized cookies) for 10 minutes at 400F and the bottoms were so burnt they set off the smoke alarm! The second batch I made smaller cookies but only baked them for 7 minutes and the bottoms were still burnt. Not as bad as the first, but still noticeably burnt. Thankfully DH liked burnt cookies! Thanks for some new flavours :)

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Sam #3 November 10, 2008
German Spice Cookies