German Spaghetti

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Total Time
5 mins
20 mins

This was made by my Mother Inlaw from Germany. My wife made this often and it inspired my own version which you can find under Hamburger Gravy.

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  1. Fry onions and celery in hot oil three minutes.
  2. Add beef to pan and cook till browned.
  3. sprinkle about two tablespoons flour over cooked meat and stir for about 1 minute add just enough water to cover meat and add bouliion cubes.
  4. salt and pepper to taste while cooking on low uncovered untill thickened.
  5. Add a little more water if it gets to thick.
  6. If film forms on top just stir it in.
  7. I use a wire wisk for this stage.
  8. Serve on noodles with Maggi Sauce on the side.
  9. Maggi is similair to Soy Sauce.