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Just to clarify that if you don't have the exact size pan indicated, use the large wide flat pan with a rim - such as a jelly roll pan. The slight sogginess that reviewer Jen experienced was probably due to using a 9x13 lasagna pan - which is much deeper and smaller. In Germany, they sell pans especially designed for making this dish that unfortunately aren't available everywhere. When sliced, this should look more like a flat, square slice of pizza.

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HeatherFeather October 28, 2002

This was a bit time-consuming to make, but very easy (and actually kind of fun!). The end result is extremely tasty, although next time I would use a bit less butter as it's very rich. The potato base seemed soft, but has firmed up as the dish cooled. I made the recipe in a lasagna pan and cut into 64 small (1.5") squares. I think this will make a great appetizer for the German party I'm attending tonight!

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JenDQ September 23, 2002

This was a bit fussy to make because of all the different parts to it, and unfortunately didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. The texture was fine, but it was quite bland even though I added some extra ham. My husband thought it was ok with sour cream, but overall probably wouldn't make it again.

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CountryMama January 16, 2009
German Savory Potato Cake (Kartoffelkuchen)