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I thought I had already reviewed this! My German boyfriend is constantly asking me to make these! Easier than making a whole cheesecake and it tastes delicious. I always leave out the dried fruit, but I do add about a tablespoon of lemon juice to the filling. Last time I made only half of the recipe and it was perfect for a 9 inch pie plate.( I found with a whole batch it was even too much for a 9 x 13 pan and I ended up having to throw some away.) The best part is my hard to please German family- in- law loves it. : )

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komcdonald November 04, 2010

I Made these for my German Class, i made double thet original amount and i still only got one everyone loved them!! I had people stopping in the halls asking for one! I loved them! 10/10

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Donovan T. May 01, 2015

I went a bit autumnal with these, snazzing them up with a layer of pumpkin pie filling! And, preserving the ratios, I made the "crumb topping" out of a kind of graham cracker (digestive biscuit), butter and (a little less) brown sugar. AND, because of the 3 comments about excess amounts of topping, I increased the Quark (and sugar) by half (I forgot to incr. the egg, but it still turned out). Even though I took some liberties with the recipe, our family thinks we are still qualified to give these bars a 5-star!!! They were YUM.

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DoubletheGarlic November 24, 2011

These went over really well at work -- I dropped them off on the community tech table, and they disappeared pretty darn quick! There was a lot of crust in comparison to the quark filling, as someone already pointed out, but everyone seemed to like the shortbreadiness (?!? - lol) of the crust part, so no complaints there. I didn't have any dried cherries that were just that, but I had a mixture with dried blueberries, raspberries and cherries together, so that's what I used for the fruit. Oh, and I had a little bit of some frosting left over from another recipe, so I melted it and used it as a drizzle over the top, just so I didn't have to throw away the last couple spoonfuls of frosting,lol. This was a good choice for my first foray into using quark. Very nice bars, thanks for posting! :) Made for The Queens of Quisine for ZWT6

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Muffin Goddess May 28, 2010

Made as written for ZWT6 & Oma's Kitchen challenge, these bars are cheesecake heaven! I used raisins I had on-hand, but they were very lrg & dry. So I plumped them in water, used the smaller ones & removed any moisture by pressing them w/paper towels. My magic bullet made quick work of the quark mixture & I folded in the raisins. The crumb topping is also easy to make, but I did feel there was too much of it for the amt of filling. Reducing it by 1/4 would be ideal IMO, except for the egg & I doubt that would matter much. This would also improve the nutritional data. DH was impossibly impatient & made me cut them b4 fully-cooled & properly set after baking - an error I will not repeat. They are company-worthy & will freeze well per to my reserach, but I will leave the fruit out if doing that. We loved these yummy bars, Sarah. Thx for posting the recipe for us. :-)

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twissis May 26, 2010

Yum, these were delicious! They are very similar to something my grandmother (from Germany) makes so I was glad to find this recipe. I didn't use the dried cherries and I forgot to bake the base first but it worked out fine. Thanks!

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Ginger Rose June 23, 2009

I made this as directed with my nephew who will be serving it at 'International Night' at his school tomorrow. We used Sun-Maid fruit bits for the fruit, and otherwise made as directed. This treat has a nice creamy center and a tasty crumbly topping. Next time I will add a bit of lemon zest or juice into the topping for some zing. Thanks for sharing this very yummy treat. :)

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2Bleu April 01, 2009

YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY! These bars were simply delish! They are like a cheesecake only way faster to prepare. :) And with this gorgeous crumb topping they really hit the spot! Great for company also. I didn't need to change a thing. They worked out perfectly. I made half the recipe and got six big bars from it. Thanks so much for sharing this winner, Mom2Rose! Made for Potluck Tag February 09.

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Lalaloula February 21, 2009

these couldn't be easier to make and are simply irresistable! my kids just raved and i'm looking forward to sharing. thank you! i did not have raisins but used a combo of dried raspberries and dried cranberries. it may be difficult to find quark as not every market carries this product but......this is worth the effort.

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nanamaxtiger January 01, 2007
German Quark Crumb Bars