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I made this tonight without the onions, since we usually don't keep them in the house. I also used panko bread crumbs. I did uncover them for the last few minutes of baking, but they ended up a little bit soggy anyways. So, next time, I'm thinking about broiling the chops for a few minutes on each side once everything's done to crisp them up some more. Other than that, this was really good. And I have a feeling I will probably be making it more often than I should. Thanks!

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Ransomed by Fire May 24, 2010

This recipe is fabulous. My 9th grade son needed an ethnic menu for an extra credit project. He found this recipe online and made it by himself (with a little coaching, but hands free coaching). So not only is this recipe fabulous tasting, it is simple. My 15 year old made it!!! He invited his grandparents over as well as our family of 7 and everyone had seconds. Thank you for posting this recipe!!! It is now our family favorite.

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susanschmid1 December 10, 2009

Made this recipe for my daughter's birthday after she was reminiscing about her trip to Germany. It was AMAZING. These are the most tender pork chops you will ever eat! Don't go short on the potatoes.

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bauercat December 06, 2009

I lived on a farm most my life and we slaughtered our own pigs and that makes for lots of pork chops and i have tasted them from about every way you can cook them. But this one goes to show you that you can spend years eating and cooking pork chops and still find one that makes you go "wow, where did this one come from." The potatoes are a great touch. I also served mine with Fresh Iceberg salad and raspberry vinaigrette and it made a nice contrast of flavor. this is a good one.Doesn't take long to cook ( except when your oven's heating element breaks right before you put it into the oven and have to wait till the next day to do the baking part.kudos to the chef who posted this recipe spchTeachCooks. this one is a real keeper.

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gamechaser85 December 12, 2008
German Pork Chops & Potatoes