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This is exactly what I was looking for. I don't eat a lot of flour and was looking for a more "eggy" version. Never tried lime on a german pancake before and this is the first time I made one in my cast iron skillet. I ate the whole thing and have added it to my repertoire.

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Lisascarpello February 06, 2010

When I made it the first time I followed the directions but, it was to eggy for my family. The second time I made it I only used 2 eggs and dumped ground cinnamon in to the mix and it came out awsome. The family loves and it is not as eggy tasting.

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ZEBAL November 05, 2007

It is a yummy pancake. However mine didn't turn out like the photo at all. It came out like a cake and didn't fall in the center. I used self rising flour which could have been the problem. I'll defiantly try this again.

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tbean1 January 02, 2007

I've made this a couple of times. I have added other things liek a packet of splenda, walnuts, and cinnimon. It is so simple and great for winter mornings.

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lea_petra December 03, 2006

It was difficult to choose among all the baked pancake recipes. They all have similar ingredients, but the photos seem to vary from looking like a bread-like casserole to a puffy pancake. I had in mind something you could cut into wedges and maybe roll up. I chose this one since it didn't look overly rich (some had a stick of butter).I did use 1/2 cup of Coffee Mate Amaretto creamer for the milk, since I only had enough for our first cup of tea! I was thrilled that I did pick it, since this turned out exactly how I pictured it. Mine rose up high (about three inches higher than the pan! on the sides of the skillet pan, but did not puff in the middle. The nice thing is that it deflated about an inch shorter but held its shape perfectly. This would be stunning with fruit mounded in the middle. We had it with applesauce, lemon, powdered sugar and with strawberry preserves and the sugar. Both were sensational! I was able to pick the wedge up with my hand and eat it (just as I had imagined). My daughter didn't care for it much. I think it was probably too "eggy" tasting (she still ate half of it), but my teenaged son enjoyed it with syrup and powd. sugar. It was a new taste for her. This was truly superb and I count it as one of my new favorite recipes! Note: I loved this so much that I made it for my dinner as well! —

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Roxygirl in Colorado April 17, 2006
German Pancake