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This is a delicious noodle salad. I couldn't stop eating it - it is sooo addictive. I had tasted a nudelsalat at a dinner party in Germany and never got the recipe, so Clara very kindly helped me out by sharing her recipe. This is even better than the one I had tasted. I recommend lining a large serving bowl with bright leafy greens, then filling with this salad to make it look nice on the table. Simply delicious!

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HeatherFeather April 23, 2003

This was very different than anything I've ever had, and it was delicious. Couldn't find 'German seasonings" (not even sure what those are), so used Accent. Made it in the morning & we ate it with a sandwich for dinner. We both snarfed it up! I'll make this a lot -- thanks for sharing!

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Kat in Texas May 07, 2003

Made this for a family reunion - it was gone pretty quickly! Next time I think I'll chill the salad and add the dressing right before I serve it - it really does soak it up! It didn't really get dried out, but wasn't as moist as I wanted - but still really good! Easy to make and makes a ton! Perfect for a potluck!

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BellyDancer September 18, 2006
German Nudelsalat (Noodle Salad)