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Made for PAC Fall 2008. I made this for company and we all liked it. The mustard sauce wasn't as well recieved. Only one person liked it. I did have a hard time finding the phyllo sheets and when I did find them they came in two different sizes. The boxes didn't say what size the sheets were so I bought the smaller box. They were to small to follow the directions and I divided the filling between two stacks of eight phyllo sheets and still couldn't fold it properly. But everyone was eager to try it. Which surprised me due to DD's reaction while I was preparing this. I hadn't told her what I was making and while the sauerkraut was draining on the counter she and DS decided something didn't smell good to the point that they threw open a number of windows. Lol! She was the first to go back for seconds, which we all did. Thanks Sarah for tasty recipe.

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cookee monster October 23, 2008
German Holiday Strudel With Mustard Sauce