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This cake came just in time. I needed some for a birthday party and one for my daughter to bring to school. My daughter got one in rectangular shape (for transport!) and she had no leftovers.
My son a round one filled with white chocolate mousse ( I photographed it before filling of coarse).
Delicious with this chocolate pieces.
Thanks a lot for posting it!
Done for ZWT7

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awalde June 30, 2011

I've been wanting to make this recipe forever...I couldn't find the almond essence at my local German store...but I was able to pick up vanilla...so that is what I used...I really thought I had the correct pan size...but NO!...I had a 12" and a 9"...so I used the 9" and probably could have let it cook another 5-10 minutes over the 60 minutes that I did cook it...I ground my own hazelnuts so every once in a while I got a nice crunch along with the silkiness of the chocolate taste...what a wonderful cake...we just loved it...it's the typical German cake...not overly sweet...just the way I like it...Thanks for posting it...it's going in my best of 2013 cookbook...=)

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teresas July 22, 2013

Thanks Dreamer... This cake was beautiful!! Not too sweet with a beautiful hazelnut flavour. And when you come across a little piece of chocolate it's like a sweet little surprise! I initially thought it could do with more chocolate but I really think it's the perfect amount otherwise it would over take the cake. Made for the Germany/Benelux Chocolate challenge ZWT 6 (Voracious Vagabonds)

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KristinV May 29, 2010
German Hazelnut Cake