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5 stars from the person whose birthday was the reason for this cake -- but in honesty I have to give it lower stars. The flavor, the moistness, everything lived up to expectations, but the recipe was very difficult to follow. There are problems I had with the cake recipe on my review there, but also the frosting seemed too sugary for my sweet tooth. I think the problem was that it moved past the thick stage into a watery stage again. I mean I think I let it boil just a little too long, but without another test for doneness it was hard to tell. I do recommend the recipe, and undoubtedly will be asked to do it again, because it was a hit!

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Gay Gilmore December 09, 2002

Om nom nom!

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Bauline Baker March 20, 2011

I have made this cake twice now, and both times it was a hit! I made it for my boyfriend's birthday and then my daughter requested this cake for her birthday as well. I can foresee making this cake again many times in the future. The ganache is a little tricky, but with some patience it comes out beautifully! I've submitted pictures of both cakes, hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did making them! Thanks to Courtly for sharing this recipe! It's a decadent cake!

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carolbygrace February 20, 2009

I'm our official "family baker" so birthday cakes and desserts for family get-togethers are always my department. For years, all my brother said regarding what he wanted for his birthday cake was "Make sure it's death by chocolate." He loves coconut, so I tried this recipe for his b'day in 2006. And this, I'm happy to report, has now become his "official" birthday cake. The cake is great, but I'll be honest, the filling....OMG...I could eat the entire thing without any cake at all. LOL

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BoSox Barb September 03, 2008

My husband and father in law has always wanted German Choc for their birthdays. This si now their favoritte, and very easy to follow. It did seem to make more than enough frosting..but they all smiled as they ate up !! kudos's...to you !

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Diane C. February 04, 2008

I love to serve 'homemade' to my guests and hate opening a box or a can if I'm cooking for a special event...so I dug in and tried this recipe (Spago cake and all) for my sister's birthday. The Coconut Pecan Filling was perfect. The taste was exactly what I was hoping for - just the right amount of sweetness, but not overdone. The filling and ganache went together easily and I had no problems - the cake was a different matter entirely, but I will tell about that later. I don't like to complain though and overall this recipe came together nicely and had I not slaved over the cake (probably my fault) - no one would have been the wiser. All around 'ahhhs and yums' were heard, so I think it was a good choice. Next time I might opt for a trial run instead of jumping into a new thing on the spur - and then again maybe I'd do it all the same, ha! So truly, 5 stars for the frosting and ganache...but how do you get the Ganache to stick to the sides?! I ended up drizzling it on and over each piece of cake and a scoop of ice cream as it was served. It was definitely a treat and a hit with my family and my German Chocolate Cake - loving sister thanks you and so do I for sharing it!

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harebal_6 April 03, 2007

So much better than anything I can buy from the store. This was simple, came together quickly, kept in the fridge well, and tasted great! You can’t ask much more from a frosting than that. I used Sue B's Chocolate Cake as the base cake

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LizzieBug November 27, 2005

This worked well for me--I cannot get flaked coconut or pecans, but I used 'coconut flour', which is coarse enough to work, and walnuts. Thanks!

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KWB May 28, 2005

Wow! German Chocolate Cake is my husband's favorite, and this was a tremendous success. This was absolutely delicious... your directions for the filling were much more successful than my previous recipe, and made for an incredible end result. I spread ganache over the whole cake, and it was just perfect. Thanks for this great recipe!! Dianne

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Pianolady July 02, 2004
German Chocolate Cake